Is it possible to force the new computers registration without waiting for the regular sector collection?


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Sometimes it can be necessary to speed up the new computers registration to make them available to the DSM/ITCM facilities as soon as possible. This is specially relevant in big installations having a great amount of remote sectors (hundreds or thousands of them) as a full remote sector collection cycle may take several hours.


In DSM 11.2 SP4 and further ITCM releases CADSMCMD command line utility has been enhanced in order to perform a collection of the sector we provide as a parameter. We can choose also the amount of information being collected when the utility is invoked.

When executed, it 'politely' interrupts any of the tasks being performed at a given moment by the engine and performs the requested collection. After that, the stopped task is resumed at the point it was interrupted.

The syntax of the command is as follows:

cadsmcmd ScalabilityServer Action=CollectSector Name=<ScalabilityServerName> [COLLECTALL]

where: <ScalabilityServerName> is the name of the Scalability Server to be collected.

COLLECTALL is an optional clause that depending on its presence in the command it collects all the data in the sector or just the basic user and computer information.


  • The action works asynchronously. It returns as soon as the request is scheduled. It does not wait for any engine to complete this task.

  • The name of the scalability server has to be unique, otherwise the action will fail.

  • The addressed asset management manager automatically determines the engine responsible for processing this request from the name of the scalability server.

  • The action is provided for a domain manager only. When launched for an enterprise manager it is rejected with error.


  • To collect all the information (including the full asset management inventory) in the Scalability Server named 'ThisScalabilityServer' run the following command:
    cadsmcmd ScalabilityServer Action=CollectSector Name=ThisScalabilityServer COLLECTALL
  • To collect just the basic computer and user information in the Scalability Server named 'ThatScalabilityServer' run the following command:
    cadsmcmd ScalabilityServer Action=CollectSector Name=ThatScalabilityServer


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence