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When using CA Intertest for CICS the user could not new copy their program.


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When testing their application program in CICS A user reported they were unable CEMT new copy a program since it was being held by CA Intertest for CICS. The RES count was greater than ZERO. To resolve the problem, the client had to recycle CICS. 




A user left the program in question sitting at a breakpoint. Since the program was at a breakpoint it was loaded in storage and the RES count was greater than zero.


When this happens please enter a CNTL=INQ at a clear screen. This command will display all programs that have interest breakpoints set for them. It will also show if a program is currently STOPPED AT A BREAKPOINT. For example, the COBDEMO shipped with the base install is waiting at a breakpoint in the report output below.


COBDEMO For userid .ANY

* Task id=00053 at breakpoint since 10:47 a.m.

waiting at UBP id= offset=00C02 address=39917C22 #328.0


You can also issue the following command to purge all tasks sitting at a breakpoint. 



Default password $FUN