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SystemEDGE Agent installed on Windows but SPECTRUM not showing all of the functions


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CA Spectrum


SystemEDGE Agent installed on Windows but SPECTRUM not showing all of the functions


Release: SystemEDGE agent installed on Windows


A recognized issue with using the SystemEDGE Agent but not being able to monitor logs or processes etc concerns situations where the SystemEDGE Agent is installed on a system which already has the Windows SNMP Agent installed; in this case the SystemEDGE Agent will default to using port 1691; with 161 already being used by the Windows SNMP Agent.

In cases like the above, and assuming that SPECTRUM is using the default number for SNMP (161) , then it is actually communicating with the Windows SNMP Agent instead of the SystemEDGE Agent, hence why it is not possible to access the SystemEDGE Agent enhanced functionality.


As the SystemEDGE Agent gives all of the functions available from the Windows SNMP Agent plus much more, there is little point in running the Windows SNMP Agent.  With this in mind, the suggested method to resolve the issue, and ensure that all of the System EDGE Agent functionality is available, is to execute the following steps:

1) Remove the Windows SNMP Agent service

2) cd SystemEDGE_HOME

3) Run 'setup -p <port number>

Note: In the above, to change the SystemEDGE Agent to use 161, execute 'setup -p 161'

4) Stop and start the SystemEDGE Agent, i.e.

   net stop sysedge

   net start sysedge

After performing the above steps, the SystemEDGE Agent will be listening on port 161 and thus will offer the enhanced functionality; including process and log monitoring and viewing, when viewed through SPECTRUM