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Changing the source IP address in SNMP traps forwarded from TrapExploder (Legacy KB ID CNC TS4483)


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Using the nat Action keyword will allow one to change the agent IP address that is contained in the SNMP Trap PDU to the IP address that is specified in the Option field. Note that this action changes only the agent IP address.

The \WINNT\system32\ file will need to have an entry with the following syntax:

filter DateTime SrcIP Agent TrapType SpecificType Enterprise Action [Option]

For example,

filter * 1\.1\.1\.1 * * * * nat

Replace the 1\.1\.1\.1 with the source IP and the with the IP that the trap is to be sent as.

After saving the changes to the \WINNT\system32\, the TrapEXPLODER Service will need to be stopped and restarted from the Control Panel - Services window or via a command prompt.

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(Legacy KB ID CNC TS4483 )


Component: SEAGNT