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Spectrum initiated eHealth discovery fails with Discover error


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CA eHealth



A Spectrum initiated eHealth Interactive discovery via OneClick does not complete due to the following error:

Error nhDiscover Pgm nhDiscover: Unable to open 'D:/eHealth/log/discoverResults.log'.

The issue also exists when an Interactive Discovery is done without the use of Spectrum.

There is a discoverResults.log present, but it is always zero bytes in size.

If the discoverResults.log file is deleted, the next discovery will be successful. However any subsequent discoveries thereafter will fail again with the same error.

Problem Ticket: PRD00048929


At this time, there is a known workaround. Please contact CA Support and mention PRD00048929 to get a hot-fix for this issue.

Additionally, the issue documented above has been resolved in the following release(s):

eHealth 6.2.2

eHealth Service Packs are available for download at: Service Pack and Product Downloads. Please review the README file for each Service Pack prior to installing. CA recommends that users always keep eHealth current by installing the latest Service Pack available.


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements