CA Web Viewer 11.5 Configuring the Port Parameter for the CCI Connection


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I'm looking to configure CCIPC after having installed the CA Output management Web Viewer. What do I specify for the port parameter?


Component: DVWEB


Point to the port the mainframe CCITCP/CCISSL task is listening on, on whichever LPAR you are targeting.

When configuring CCIPC (SSL or not, makes no difference) the IP Name or address you enter represents the machine address or LPAR where the target CCITCP/CCISSL task runs. In no case should you enter the address for the CCITCPGW (Gateway). 

If you configure your CCIPC to point to the Gateway (CCITCPGW) listening port, usually 5202 or 7202, the symptom you may experience is one where CCIPC will test successfully, but a DRAS discovery will return an empty list.

If there is any question about whether your target CCITCP/CCISSL task is listening on the default port, you can check the first page of the started task output for "listening on port xxxx". Whatever port appears there is what should go into your CCIPC configuration.