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Clarity: Export to Excel(data only): When attribute value protection is set to "use display conditions and secured subpages" and display conditions are used column data will fail to export properly.


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Export to Excel (data only) when using the default attribute value protection setting "Use display conditions and secured subpages to protect attribute values on this list" along with display conditions on views will fail to export data for all rows even if some meet the display condition and are shown in the UI.

Steps to Recreate

  1. Add a display condition to an object's properties layout edit view. In my test I used the project object and added a display condition to only show if the project manager = a particular project manger.

  2. Make sure that the attribute value protection is set to default "Use display conditions and secured subpages to protect attribute values on this list".

  3. Navigate to the home side of Clarity and click on the projects link. Note that only some of your project names will be visible enabling you to click into them (those that meet your condition).

  4. Choose to export this list page to excel (data only) and you'll find that even though some of your records in the list page in the UI displayed you'll see none of these column values exported to excel. They are all blank.

  5. Now go back into the Clarity Admin and change the AVP to another setting other than the default.

  6. Export to excel (data only) and all values that are present in the UI will now export properly.

Expected Results: For all data visible in the UI to export.

Actual Result: No data exports for column with condition.



Change the attribute value protection to "Use only secured subpages to protect attribute values on this list" or "Display all attribute values on this list" and republish views. If children or grandchildren subpages are involved - be sure and change this setting from the grandchildren all the way up to the parent and republish all views. Note that the publish will eliminate any user changes in their own personal views.
The following query will help you identify which views in the system have display conditions on them:

SELECT exp.object_instance_id, v.object_code, v.caption, v.view_type, v.link_code, exp.expression, v.partition_code FROM odf_filter_expressions exp, odf_views v WHERE exp.object_code = 'ODF_VIEW_CONDITION' AND exp.OBJECT_INSTANCE_ID = 

Resolved in Clarity 12.1.1
Resolved in Clarity 12.0.6 Generic Patch. Reference TEC522707.

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Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus