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How to define Remote Control Permissions on each group by adding users to the Remote Control Permissions folder within the group's details section?


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In the DSM Explorer, drill down to Remote Control -> Root Address Permissions. Right-click the user account in the right pane and select properties.

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Figure 1

After a user has been selected, each of the following permissions can be set to "allow" or "deny."

  • View
  • Stealth view
  • Classroom
  • Exclusive Control
  • Secure Control
  • Chat
  • Send Files
  • Receive Files
  • Require Local Confirmation
  • Record
  • Record on Host

You can also call the Address Book properties dialog box by right clicking on Remote Control Permissions under All Computers and selecting Properties. Here you can specify if the Group should be in the remote control address book, and if you want it to inherit the Remote Control permissions of its parent.

There is also the option to "override permissions" on derived groups. This forces the same permissions onto the groups that this group contains, and all their subgroups.

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Figure 2


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence


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