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Clarity: Xogging a user into Clarity via user xog changes the partition for the resource.


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If you have a user that has a partition on the resource side and then you xog that user into Clarity using the User xog (cmn_users_write.xml), it will change the partition for the resource.

This affects the LDAP Add/Modify New and Changed Users job since it uses the user xog to bring data over from the LDAP server to Clarity.


  1. Log into Clarity.

  2. Choose Resources from the left-hand menu on the User's side . (Do not go to resources in the admin tool).

  3. Add Partition to the list view (so that you can see what happens clearly later).

  4. Find a user that has a partition assigned in this view, or add a partition to the user by going into edit mode and adding a partition.

  5. Xog that user out of Clarity using cmn_users_read.xml.

  6. Edit the file that was created and remove the line that has the partition information in it.

  7. Xog the file back into Clarity.

  8. Go back to your resource view and locate your user in the list view.

EXPECTED RESULTS: The partition you set should still be there.

ACTUAL RESULTS: The partition has been changed to niku.root and is no longer visible.



Specify the partition in the XOG input file.

NOTE: This will not work for LDAP customers who use the Clarity synch jobs since you cannot change how those xog files are constructed.


This issue is fixed in 12.0.3 by the fixes for CLRT-20265 and CLRT-24071

KEYWORDS: job logs, CLRT-40253, CLRT-20265, CLRT-24071, XOG, users, partition, clarity8open, clarity12resolved.


Release: NCSVCS05900-8.1-Clarity-Service Connect-for MS-SQL