CAM is running on endpoint but IMPS returns "No remote CAFT server running"
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CAM is running on endpoint but IMPS returns "No remote CAFT server running"


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Basically, Provisioning server uses CAM/CAFT channel for some connectors based on remote agents. This is the case for NT, UNIX and E2K remote agents. With one issue we were facing a problem not so easy to troubleshoot.

This case is given for exchange remote endpoint but it could be occurred with any other remote agents involving CAM/CAFT channel.
Trying to view and modify permissions to access a mailbox for an Active Directory account as following:


Client failed with the known "No remote CAFT server running" error as following


This error usually means that "CA Message Queuing Server" service is not started or with other words the cam.exe process is not running on the Exchange Gateway Server.
(For Exchange Gateway Server, See Exchange General tab of the ADS endpoint property sheet).
But camstat command on Exchange Server shows that CAM is running.
And the service is running from windows.
Camping commands from both sides works fine.
CAM communication between provisioning and exchange servers is OK.

Going further in the issue showed that %CAI_MSQ%\camclient.cfg was missing on remote exchange server.

We did not determine the exact reason why this file was missing.
One track is installing CAM from a package not provided with IM/Provisioning installation packages.

When a file data transfer is requested, CAM reads %CAI_MSQ%\camclient.cfg and expects to find a line with CAIFTRANS key and CAIFTRANS object giving the caft.exe process location. Based on this camclient.cfg entry CAM is responsible for starting the caft.exe process when file data transfer is involved via CAM.



Component: TNGCAM



With this issue CAM was not able to start caft.exe since CAIFTRANS key line was missing from camclient.cfg because the file did not exist.
This issue has been solved by issuing the following commands.
camclient -k CAIFTRANS -a "%CAI_MSQ%\bin\caft.exe" -o CAIFTRANS
cam start
This command created the camclient.cfg file with the proper CAIFTRANS key line.


Then (e.g.) the E2K Export Rights function could be issued.


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