The easiest way to implement LE/370 is to add RHDCLEFE to the Sysgen.
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The easiest way to implement LE/370 is to add RHDCLEFE to the Sysgen.


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There are several ways to ensure that the IBM Language Environment for COBOL is implemented correctly within a CA IDMS system. The simplest way to make certain that this is used universally within the CV is to define program RHDCLEFE within the Sysgen.


For IDMS to function correctly with LE programs the LE options module CEEUOPT has to have some specific values coded. There are a number of ways of specifying the CEEUOPT module to be used. One method is to link it with the COBOL program. The method we recommend is to use RHDCLEFE. The CEEUOPT that is linked with RHDCLEFE, which is provided as part of a standard CA IDMS install, already contains the recommended values for IDMS. If IDMS finds a PDE for RHDCLEFE at runtime, it will use the CEEUOPT module linked in with RHDCLEFE; there is no need to link a CEEUOPT module with each COBOL program. This method ensures you are always using the correct CEEUOPT module with IDMS, eliminating the need to ensure that every programmer link-editing COBOL programs is including this module. A sample of the Sysgen RHDCLEFE program definition can be found in section I.6 "Performance Improvements with RHDCLEFE" in the DML Cobol manual.

A PDE for RHDCLEFE has to already exist for it to be used; IDMS will not load it automatically. For this reason it needs to be defined in the SYSGEN. Also, for RHDCLEFE to function correctly it has to be defined as resident. If it was created dynamically in some way it would not have been resident and can cause problems.


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