Change IP Addresses of all SuperAgent components ( Legacy KB ID NTQ 00000178 )


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How to change the IP addresses of all SuperAgent components.

The following article describes the necessary steps to change the IP addresses of all SuperAgent components that exist in a production environment.

Follow these instructions, which apply to a SuperAgent distributed architecture only (1 SuperAgent Master Console with 1 or more SuperAgent Collectors): Change the Management NIC properties to reflect the new Management IP address for the Collector. Repeat this for all Collectors. Before you assign a new IP address to the Master Console, log into the web interface and Edit a Collector. Change the IP address to the new IP address this collector will be assigned. Repeat this for all Collectors. Change the NIC properties on the Master Console to reflect the new IP address. Once the IP address has changed, restart the NetQoS services. Log in to the SuperAgent web interface. You should automatically be prompted that SuperAgent had detected the IP address of the Master Console has changed. SuperAgent will ask you which IP address to use: The new one or the old one. Select the New IP address and check the box that indicates "Notify all collectors of the new Master's IP address". Click OK/Submit. Once this process has completed and the collectors have been notified of the new Master's IP address, go to Administration -> Collectors. Make sure that the status for all collectors is Running/Operational. If not, click the 'Set Master Console' link, then 'Reload Collectors'.


Component: NQRAFM