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Vcenter duplicated under Virtual Host Manager everytime the SpectroSERVER is recycled.


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CA Spectrum


The first modeling of SystemEDGE VCAIM agent in Spectrum works without problem. The Virtual Infrastructure is created correctly under Virtual Host Manager (VHM). The vCenters, datastores, ESXi, everything is correct.

However after I recycle the SpectroSERVER, some of the vCenters managed by SystemEDGE VCAIM, gets duplicated, under VHM.


Spectrum integration with vCenter using SystemEDGE VC AIM


This problem may occurs if a Vcenter is running on a virtual machine (vm), and this vm is under a different vCenter.

To understand, imagine vc01 and vc02 are two vCenters. The vc01 virtual machine is running under vCenter vc02.

During discovery, while loading the VHM inventory, vCenter’s are loading properly and SystemEDGE VC AIM instance UID are correct. 

While creating the virtual machine of vc01, as this vm is created under vc02 vCenter, the proxy Redirector model will be updated with UID Instance of vc02. 

As a result on every load of inventory object (as when SpectroSERVER is recycled), Spectrum treat that vCenter vc01 as needed to be created again, hence, it will be duplicated.


As running a vCenter virtual machine under a different vCenter, is not supported, a first option to resolve the problem is, moving the vCenter virtual machine, to the corresponding vCenter. In the above example, moving vc01 virtual machine to vCenter vc01.

Another option, is to restrict the VCAIM user to not see the vCenter virtual machines. To still manage those vms, an SNMP agent may be installed on that virtual servers, and model the servers as any other SNMP capable device in Spectrum. As they will not appear under VHM, the problem should not occur.

Additional Information

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