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Exporting account templates.


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We need to be able to migrate Account Templates from our test to production environment. Is there a method for isolating these safely in an LDAP export? It appears they have unique GUIDs and we are unsure of the ramifications of exporting/importing them using an LDAP browser.


The safest thing to do would be to recreate the templates manually in the Identity Manager GUI or Provisioning Manger interface.
However, you could consider also doing the following:

  1. Use an LDAPSEARCH command and specify only the attributes you want to export from the test environment.
  2. Run the resulting LDIF from #1 through an ldapadd via port 20389 into the provisioning server.

#2 will add the add the objects and recreate the eTID values and then you would need to modify the templates to add the endpoint reference and set the account containers.


Component: IDMGR