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Unable to access login screen of the eHealth web user interface (Legacy KB ID CNC TS79 )


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CA eHealth


Regenerate the httpd.conf file ensuring the value used for $NH_HOME does not include the trailing / character. Manually specify the $NH_HOME value rather then using the contents of the variable when running the above procedure. This will correctly regenerate the httpd.conf file excluding the trailing / in the $NH_HOME value

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Problem Environment:
Microsoft Windows

Causes of this problem:
The cause of this problem is that the paths listed in the httpd.conf file include a trailing slash in the $NH_HOME value
        ServerRoot "D:/nethealth//web".

The extra slash in the path names is added in because a slash was appended to the $NH_HOME environment variable during installation.

If $NH_HOME is set to /opt/nethealth/, the extra / will be added into the httpd.conf paths. If $NH_HOME is set to /opt/nethealth, there will not be a problem with the paths in the httpd.conf.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS79 )


Release: ADVEVS99000-6-AdvantEDGE View standalone