nhDiscover arguments -g (group) and -policy are exclusive (Legacy KB ID CNC TS34321 )
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nhDiscover arguments -g (group) and -policy are exclusive (Legacy KB ID CNC TS34321 )


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CA eHealth


Group membership on discovery is set in the policy as of eHealth 6.1.  Specifying a policy and a group in a command line discover are not compatible.  Choose one or the other and run the command.  The error message is not clear as to the real cause of the issue.

The error message documented above has been resolved in the following release(s):

     eHealth 6.2.2

eHealth Service Packs are available for download at: Service Pack and Product Downloads. Please review the README file for each Service Pack prior to installing. CA recommends that users always keep eHealth current by installing the latest Service Pack available.

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nhDiscover arguments -g (group) and -policy are exclusive
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Problem Environment:
eHealth 6.1
eHealth 6.2
Problem Ticket: PRD00046288

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS34321 )


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements