NH_STAT_POLLS_PER_SECOND settings for SNMPv3 polling (Legacy KB ID CNC TS34879 )
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NH_STAT_POLLS_PER_SECOND settings for SNMPv3 polling (Legacy KB ID CNC TS34879 )


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CA Spectrum


Polling SNMPv3 agents adds additional load to the eHealth system due to the overhead associated with encryption and authentication. This  can cause missed polls for SNMPv3 elements and a corresponding loss of data granularity in reports.

If you are polling any SNMPv3 agents, verify that your setting for the NH_STAT_POLLS_PER_SECOND environment variable does not exceed 200 (+/- depending on the power of the eHealth polling server).   This setting establishes a performance boundary of 40,000 elements polled every 5 minutes. An indication that NH_STAT_POLLS_PER_SECOND is set too high is receipt of "no response" errors, specifically from SNMPv3 agents.


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Problem Environment:
eHealth 6.0 and later

Additional Information:
Please reference TS14552 for more information regarding setting the  NH_STAT_POLLS_PER_SECOND environment variable.
This information supercedes recommendations provided in TS15045.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS34879 )


Release: SPPREM05900-9.2-Spectrum-Infrastructure Manager-Premium Suite