Clarity: What are the rules when using the Requisition feature 'Unbook Resources'?
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Clarity: What are the rules when using the Requisition feature 'Unbook Resources'?


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The Unbook Resources (requisition) feature is the amount of committed (hard allocation) that exceeds the planned (allocation). The resulting 'unbook' requisition is logically 'negative', meaning once 'booked' it SUBTRACTS from the hard curve.

You cannot Unbook a Role or a soft-booked staffing requirement.


The rules for an unbooking are:

  1. There will be an "Unbook Resource" action on the Create Requisitions page.

  2. When the "Replace Resource" action is selected, the Unbook feature on the requisition is automatically checked.

  3. This will generate a requisition with two new properties (unbook = true, and replace = true).

  4. The unbook amount will default to the hard allocation of the team member minus the total allocation If the total allocation equals or exceeds the hard allocation, the unbook amount will equal zero.

  5. The unbook amount defaults to unbookings from today forward. The PM can adjust the date and can adjust the requisition amount to only partially unbook just like a normal requisition.

  6. For a straight unbook (replace option is off) there will be no resource tab displayed, and instead of a "propose" option the RM will have an option to "unbook" or "decline." If he "unbooks," the team member's allocation will be decremented. No need for PM approval. If he "declines," the team member's will not be decremented. In both cases, notification will be sent to the PM, and the requisition status will be set to "booked." NOTE: If the PM has hard-book rights, he can simply zero out the team member's hard allocation ? no need to submit a requisition.

  7. For a replacement unbook, the resource tab will display, and the requested amount will equal the allocation of the team member's being unbooked. The team member being unbooked does not display in the resource list. The unbooking is an attribute of the requisition. The RM will proceed with filling the requisition exactly like a normal requisition. Proposed, preferred, accept, reject are all the same. When the booking action happens, it will be identical to a normal booking, with the addition of the unbooking as described above.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, Requisition, Unbook Resource, Allocation, Team member, Staff, Project, configuration, propose, decline, booked.


Release: NCSVCS05900-8.1-Clarity-Service Connect-for MS-SQL