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CABI is temporarily unavailable


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) DX Application Performance Management


Accessing the CABI portlet (dashboards) via the UMP displays the following error: CABI is temporarily unavailable

Connecting to Jasperserver via http://<CABI_Server_IP or hostname>:<port>/cabijs and accessing the dashboards within Jasperserver works without error.


UIM 8.47, UIM 8.5, IM 9.1, CABI. 


1. In UMP open the CABI portlet. 

2. Once the CABI dashboard portlet is up and in an error state, select Options -> Preferences. 

3. The following error will be displayed under "CABI URL (full)": Error: Could not find the cabi probe. 

Root Cause: The portlet cannot find the CABI probe. 


1. Go to the UMP wasp and open Raw Config. 

2. Under the "setup" section add the following Key/Value. 

Key: cabi 

Value: /domain name/hub name/robot name/cabi 

3. After adding the UIM probe address, save the changes, deactivate and reactivate the UMP wasp. 

Additional Information

Install CA Business Intelligence with CA UIM 8.47 - 

Install or Upgrade CA Business Intelligence with CA UIM 8.5 - 


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