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"ALTER SYSTEM SET" does not complete with Oracle error ORA-32001 (Legacy KB ID CNC TS33583 )


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CA eHealth


To create and spfile do the following:

1. sqlplus sys/ehealth as sysdba

>CREATE SPFILE='$ORACLE_HOME\database\eHealth_spfile.ora'
>FROM PFILE='$ORACLE_HOME\database\initEHEALTH.ora';

2. Edit initEHEALTH.ora

3. just under the only IFILE entry place make reference to the newly created spfile by adding the following entry:


4. Stop and start the eHealth database to load the spfile at startup.

nhStopDb immediate / nhStart

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How to create an Oracle System Parameter file (spfile) on Windows
"ALTER SYSTEM SET" does not complete with Oracle error "ORA-32001 write to SPFILE requested but no SPFILE specified at startup"

Problem Environment:
Microsoft Windows 2003
Oracle 9i
eHealth 6.0
Replace $ORACLE_HOME variables in this article with the literal path on the file system e.g.CREATE SPFILE='E:\oracle\Oracle.9.2\databaseeHealth_spfile.ora'

Additional Information:
The spfile is not created by default. An spfile can be created from a pfile. The naming convention for the pfile is init<SID>.ora. The default location for the pfile is $ORACLE_HOME\database\initEHEALTH.ora. The pfile is the default location where Oracle loads parameters from at startup.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS33583 )


Component: EHCON