CAHCHECK and CAMASTER address spaces not started after IPL with CA Common Services Release 12.0.


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I read about the new CAHCHECK and CAMASTER address spaces in the Reference Guide, which should be started automatically. I Installed CA Common Services release 12.0 which included the CAIRIM and CA HEALTH CHECK components, but still can not see these address spaces after an IPL. Is there something that I am missing?


The new CAHCHECK and CAMASTER address spaces are part of CA HEALTH CHECKER COMMON SERVICE r12.1, which is not included in the CA Common Services Release 12.0 package. This newer release of the CA Health Checker Common Service needs to be installed separately and will replace the release delivered with CCS r12.0. Please see Product Maintenance Letter RI18890 for details.

Documentation relating to the CAMASTER and CAHCHECK can be found in Appendix A & B of the CA Common Services r12 Reference Guide.


Component: CCS390