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ClarityPPM: Not enough events raised for a process - process takes long time to complete.


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If you create a process with a Parallel Split (AND) or a Multiple Choice (OR) condition with four branches that starts on create and then create an object instance and make 4 changes, one at a time, clicking save immediately after each one, the update event is not raised by Clarity each of the four times you click save. The process eventually completes but may take between 10 minutes and 1/2 hour to complete.

Note: This is an intermittent issue. It happens most of the time on the two systems where I have seen the problem.

If you place the same condition(s) in the pre-condition for the following step, the process completes quickly even though too few events are raised.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Xog in the four xml files

  2. Validate and activate all three processes (ids are ddd, ddd_2, and ddd_3).

  3. Make sure the user you are logged in as has full rights to the custom object and processes that were created by the xogs.

  4. Go to the Developer Due Diligence List in the Custom Objects section on the User side of Clarity.

  5. Create a new object instance.

  6. Fill in the name and id.

  7. Choose a user in the Developer field.

  8. Add the user you are logged in as under Art, Tech, Design, and Prod.

  9. Click the submit button.

    Note: It does not matter if you add the same user in step 8 or four different users and log in as each one for the rest of this. The same problem will occur.

  10. Open the object instance you just created.

  11. Change the Confidence Score for any one of the four sections (Art, Tech, Design, or Production) and then click save.

    Note: You must enter each score individually and click save before entering the next one. For example: change the score for Art and then click save, change the score for Design and then click save.

  12. Repeat step 11 until the Confidence Scores for all four sections has been changed.

  13. Click on the processes tab.

    Note: The two processes with post conditions have not completed.

  14. Go to the events tab under the process engine.

Note: Not enough update events have been raised.

Note: Occasionally one of the processes that have a post condition will succeed if all 4 update events are raised. So if that happens, just try another time.

Expected Results: Four update events should be raised and all three processes will complete immediately.

Actual Results: Between 1 and 3 update events are raised. Only the process with the pre-condition completes immediately. The other two will take a long time (10 - 30 minutes) to complete.


This is caused when you dont have the sufficient process pipeline 


Release: 14.x, 15.x 
Component: STUDIO


There are three possible workarounds:

  1. Place the post conditions in the pre-condition of the next step.

  2. Wait for the process to complete on its own.

  3. Click the Run Event-Waiting Steps button for the Process Engine.