Plug-in load errors HTTP 500 in webagent log with IIS


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In case of New install/config of webagent on IIS 6 web server. Plug-in errors seen in webagent log and HTTP 500 error while accessing website :

[5896/5476][Mon May 18 2009 09:06:30][CSmPluginManager.cpp:187][ERROR] ADMIN: SmDSOLoadLibrary failed to load plugin 'D:\Program Files\netegrity\webagent\bin\HttpPlugin.dll'.
[5896/5476][Mon May 18 2009 09:06:30][CSmPluginManager.cpp:96][ERROR] ADMIN: Unable to load plugin 'D:\Program Files\netegrity\webagent\bin\HttpPlugin.dll'.
[5896/5476][Mon May 18 2009 09:06:30][CSmAdminManager.cpp:176][ERROR] ADMIN: Unable to get plugin context from the Plugin Manager.
[5896/5476][Mon May 18 2009 09:06:30][CSmHighLevelAgent.cpp:92][ERROR] HLA: Failed to initialize 'Administration Manager'.



Component: SMIIS


To check whether all the necessary dll files required by the webagent are loaded and available you can use a dll dependency checker utility such as "DependencyWalker"

The dll dependency files not available will be listed. Check for the accessibility of these files on the server with respect to file permissions, folder locations and so forth.