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Error "ODF-0010 Invalid Expression. Check the format to make sure it is correct." When trying to create custom attributes.


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When I try to create a custom attribute (Calculated Number) in the Team object I get an error. "ODF-0010 Invalid Expression. Check the format to make sure it is correct."

The expression passes validation but errors out on Submit.

Logged in as Admin. Can't create custom attributes.

Steps to reproduce it:

  1. Log into Clarity ---> go to Studio

  2. Select Portlets

  3. Select the Team Portlet & Open it

  4. Click on attributes

  5. Create a new attribute with data type: calculated

  6. Click on the link to define the values

  7. The description of the attributes is:

    1. Function= Substract

    2. Function Syntax= Subtract(number1,number2)

    3. Function Description= Returns the result of subtracting number 2 from number 1

    4. Argument number= 2

    5. Argument 1 --> attribute is selected with= Resource Availability (availsum)

    6. Subexpression (defaulted to)= subexpr1

    7. Argument 2---> attribute selected is=Hard Allocation (hard_sum)

    8. Subexpression (defaulted to)= subexpr2

    9. the expression validates fine: (availsum-hard_sum) in the expression window with a message: ODF-0020: The expression syntax is valid.

    10. When clicking submit; it ERROR OUT WITH: ODF-0010: Invalid expression. Check the format to make sure it is correct (this is displayed as an error in a RED BAR).


Defect CLRT-11577 has been submitted for this behavior.

Development will evaluate its impact and will be considered it on their next major release.

All of the information needed to describe this behavior has been included on the defect.

Further details can be obtained by contacting CA Clarity Support.


Component: STUDIO