How to copy SQL MDB from one environment to another environment.
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How to copy SQL MDB from one environment to another environment.


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This procedure will provide the steps necessary to copy a SQL MDB from one environment to another so that it can be configured for use with another Service Desk environment of the same release. This procedure is helpful in instances where you would like to update a test/development environment with updated data from a production environment or you would like to copy the MDB from one environment for set-up of a test/development environment.


  1. Take a SQL backup of the SOURCE MDB using the SQL backup utility.
  2. Perform a SQL restore of the source MDB onto the DESTINATION database server using the SQL restore utility. Set the option to OVERWRITE entire database when restoring.
  3. After the SQL restore, run the following SQL stored procedure to fix the orphaned users which are created when restoring a database
    from one SQL instance to another:
    sp_change_users_login 'AUTO_FIX','ServiceDesk'
  4. Edit the dlgtsvr table within the DESTINATION MDB database to fix all hostnames listed in this table to the correct DESTINATION hostname (the current values will reflect the SOURCE server that the database was formerly tied to).
  5. Run pdm_configure on the DESTINATION Service Desk application server. DO NOT SELECT TO LOAD DEFAULT DATA. DOUBLE CHECK all hostnames to ensure that they reflect the DESTINATION server and not the SOURCE server!
  6. After configuration is complete start the Service Desk service on the DESTINATION server if not already started and do a quick test of Service Desk functionality.


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