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Clarity: Project Status Reports Summary Attribute Name and Label should be consistent to specifically say 'Project Manager'.


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PPM Essentials Portlet: Project Status Reports Summary Attribute Name and Label should be consistent to specifically say 'Project Manager' instead of simply 'Manager'. Having the label of 'Manager' only in the portlet may be misleading to some end-users since there are different types of managers.

Also, the attribute in the NSQL statement of 'project_manager' represents the internal record id and it should be renamed as well for clarification. When the Clarity administrator is looking at the 'project_manager' attribute it seems as if this attribute should show the name of the project manager. This adds to the confusion of the end-users between 'project_manager' attribute and 'manager_name' attribute.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Install the Clarity PPM Essentials Accelerator portlets.

  2. Login as an end-user with access to these portlets.

  3. Navigate to the Project Status Reports subpage on a project.

  4. Observe the label on the portlet for 'Manager Name' and the values shown.

    • This represents the Project Manager Name.

  5. Navigate to the configuration pages for the portlet ; locate the 'project_manager' attribute and add to the layout (this attribute is not pre-configured on initial installation of the Add-In).

  6. Observe the values shown for the 'project_manager' attribute.

Expected: Labels should be clear and consistent throughout the application.

Actual: Labels are vague and misleading.



The Clarity administrator can modify the portlet labels so that end-users won't be confused:

  1. Admin Tool > Portlets > Locate the portlet for editing
    Portlet Name = Project Status Reports Summary
    Portlet ID = odmd.prt.prjStatusReport

  2. Navigate to List Column Section: [Fields]

  3. English Label shows 'Manager' > change to 'Project Manager' > click 'Save' button

  4. To update all other language labels, click the 'properites' icon for the field and then click the 'translate' icon.


This issue has been documented as CCPEA-85 and is assigned to development for review. If you are experiencing this problem and the workaround above does not significantly help, please contact CA Clarity Technical Support.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CCPEA-85, odmd.qry.prjStatusReport, studio, nsql, add-in


Component: STUDIO