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Distributed reports and replication failures in eHealth cluster (Legacy KB ID CNC TS33834 )


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CA eHealth


Confirm that DNS and WINS name resolution is working correctly

Use nslookup command to find the ipAddress from the name:

   nslookup hostname

Then, use the IP address that is returned by the last command, and use it to find the name:

  nslookup ip_address

If the name returned does not match the name used in the first nslookup, this indicates a name resolution problem that needs to get addressed by the network administrators.

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Distributed reports and replication failures in eHealth cluster

Problem Environment:
Error: "(Error) Pgm nhiServer: Start of J:/CA/ehealth61/bin/sys/nhiRftIn failed."
Error: "(Internal Error) Pgm nhiRftIn: Expectation for 'value' failed (Unable to find sequence # in host-seqNum dictionary. in file ../RcsInApp.C, line 417). (cu/cuAssert)"
Error: "(Info) Pgm nhiDbServer: Command 'J:/CA/ehealth61/bin/sys/nhiStdReport -distMode slave -masterPgmId 117 -masterPid 4932.59 -tz mst7 -masterHost P1PWEHC001 -dsiFileIn $(attachPathname1)' run from cluster member P1PWEHC001.0"

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS33834 )


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements