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Clarity: Custom object links do not appear on the left hand navigation menu


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise



Details: When we create new custom objects the object name does not appear as a link on the left hand navigation menu nor is available in the menu manager to be viewed or added.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. On the Admin side of Clarity create a new custom object

  2. Assign the global rights to your user ID for this new object once created

  3. Navigate to the home side of Clarity and look for the custom object link on the left hand navigation menu under the "Custom Object" section - your object is not listed there

Expected Results: To have access to the new object via the left hand navigation menu
Actual Results: Link is missing

Root Cause: Data corruption.
Solution: The menu section "Custom Objects" is likely marked as "hidden" in the database.

The record for "Custom Object" section resides in table "CMN_MENU_ITEMS". This is record is seeded in Clarity with ID = 5000017

In the database, the value of "IS_HIDDEN" column for this record is likely set to 1, which is making this menu section invisible, thus all the menu items underneath are invisible as well.

The issue can be fixed by setting value of IS_HIDDEN column for this record to null, with a simple SQL query as given below.

SET IS_HIDDEN = null   
WHERE ID = 5000017  

Keywords: navigation menu custom object invisible.


Component: STUDIO