Clarity: Microsoft Excel Compatibility
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Clarity: Microsoft Excel Compatibility


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Due to the addition of the Personal Dashboarding feature, Clarity 12.0.5+ are only certified with Microsoft Office 2007.

Is it possible to still use Microsoft Excel 2003?


Microsoft Excel 2007 has been certified and identified on the Clarity 12.0.5 + PAS since the new Personal Dashboarding enhancement works only in Office 2007.

There are no plans to certify Microsoft Office 2003 with the new functionality in Clarity 12.0.5+ and no plans to certify Microsoft Office 2007 with pre-12.0.5 releases.

Although Microsoft Excel 2003 is unsupported for Clarity 12.0.5+, it should work with the 'Export to Excel Data Only' feature, which is equivalent to the pre-12.0.5 'Export to Excel' feature.

Although not certified, the Microsoft 2007 compatibility packs that can be added to Microsoft Office 2003 should allow the end-user to use the new Personal Dashboarding export to MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

We will support any issues that can be reproduced in Clarity using the certified versions of the Client Applications according to the published Product Architecture Stack.

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Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus