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Alarms appear in Live Exceptions, but the Notifier does not perform the specified Action (Legacy KB ID CNC TS7345)


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CA eHealth


If alarms appear in the Live Exceptions Browser, but the notifier does not send traps, send emails, or perform actions, the problem is most likely related to the configuration of the Notifier (the part of the product that performs actions when alarms arrive in Live Exceptions).

Please confirm the configuration of the Notifier, as follows:
- The notifier is not configured to perform any actions by default.  You must configure the Notifier to send a trap, send an email, or perform an action.
- Select Alarms, Exceptions, and/or Clear Events depending on which events you want to send traps for.
- Choose the Technology and Group that you wish to send a trap for when you receive a Alarm, Exception, or Clear Event, by selecting the "Technology" and "Subject"
- Optionally, you can further refine your selection process by indicating a Profile, and even further with a rule message. If you choose a Profile and/or Rule Message, you are telling the notifier to only send a trap if the alarm came from an element being monitored with the indicated Profile, and with the Rule that contains the indicated Rule Message. To find the Rule Message for any rule, simply look inside the profile that contains the rule, modify the rule, and then note the Rule Message within the rule's contents.
- Again, filling in the Profile or Rule Message is optional. If you do not fill them in, the notifier will send traps for any alarms that come in from the Group that you specified in the "Subject" field, regardless of the Profile or Rule that is applied to the Group.

Also, please check the following:
- Has the concord mib been loaded into the target NMS so that the traps from Live Exceptions can be understood and interpreted correctly?
- Is the notifier working when you tell it to send an email or perform an action, or are these failing as well?

If you have checked all of these steps and are still not receiving traps in the target NMS, please contact Customer Support.


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Problem Environment:
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(Legacy KB ID CNC TS7345 )


Release: LHBASC99000-6.2-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements