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Clarity: "NOT_SPECIFIED" Role shows up in a Cost Plan


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Why is My Cost Plan showing a detail row with a value 'NOT_SPECIFIED' in the Group By Role Column?

Transactions have been brought in to Clarity via XOG, all financial processing are completed and records are now in the PPA_WIP table. I have a cost plan that has a group by of Roles and sub group by of Charge Code, actual fields such as Units for Actuals, Cost for Actuals are configured in the Time Scale Value field area. All the actuals I XOG wrote in are now appearing in a line item with 'NOT_SPECIFIED' in the Group By column, the Sub Group by column does show the correct charge code matching my XOG xml file.

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Why does the Group By column not show the Primary Role of the resource I used in my XOG file?

The Cost Plan retrieves the information (Units for Actuals, Cost for Actuals, etc) from the financial tables: ppa_wip and ppa_wip_values.

The transactions that are created through a XOG write action did not specifically identify the Resource Role Id and therefore when the transaction was posted into the financial module, the data stored in the table, ppa_wip.role_code is null for those transactions. When Cost Plan displays data from this table no role is found to be displayed for these transactions, therefore a default 'NOT_SPECIFIED' value is displayed instead.

Why doesn't Clarity automatically retrieve resource role based on the resource used?

You need to specify resource role when XOG is used to bring in transactions. The application does not automatically pull resource role from the resource properties, project role or task assignment role. This is a flexibility the application has in place to allow a resource to take on different roles (wear many hats as we say). For example a resource with a primary role of "IT Director" can be assigned to a project to be a "IT Project Manager", and on a specific task you can assign this resource as an "Analyst". In addition, this resource can incur a transaction with yet a different role, or no role at all.

If you don't group your cost plans by Roles you may not need to be concerned about this, but since you do group by Roles it will be necessary to always bring in resource role in the XOG xml file.

What is the correct attribute for resource role? I cannot find it from the sample imp_transaction_write.xml file

The XOG attribute is roleID.

You must specify the value as displayed on :

Clarity Application page->Resources->select the role to open the Properties page->Role ID

The XOG Schema Data (xsd) file for the sample imp_transaction_write.xml is "nikuxog_transaction.xsd", which includes "nikuxog_commonTransaction.xsd". The roleID attribute is documented in this file.

How do I fix the missing roles on the existing transactions so my cost plan will display them properly?

Here are the steps you can take to identify the transactions and fix them one by one.

  1. Run this query to get a list of project and resource to search on:

    select project_code, resource_code, min(transdate) FromDate, max(transdate) ToDate
    from ppa_wip
    where role_code is null
    group by project_code, resource_code

  2. Navigate to Clarity Application page->Create WIP Adjustment page, filter for From Date, To Date, investment and resource based on the query result from above. If there are still a large amount of transactions and not all of them are missing a resource role value, modify the query above to narrow down the search result by adding more fields into the select statement.

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    Figure 3

  3. Click on the date of a transaction to open the "Edit Transaction" page, the Role field would be empty. Click on the binocular to populate a role, Submit.

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 4

  4. Navigate to Approve WIP Adjustment page, select the transaction you just modified, click 'Approve'.

  5. Run 'Import Financial Actuals' job to update the information on the project.

    Finally, run the query from step 1 again to make sure that it does not return any row.

    IMPORTANT: As always, executing direct table updates, unless instructed by Support or in Knowledge Base articles, is not supported.



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