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Write permissions are needed for non-root user for configuring Redhat Apache(2.0 or 2.2) with Web Agent on RedHat Linux 4 or 5


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When configuring web agent with out of the box Apache - 2.0 or 2.2 (that comes bundled) with Red Hat Linux 4 or 5, the non-root user should have write permissions to the following folders for successful web agent configuration and startup of apache web server-

  • Conf folder - WebAgent.conf is created inside it and Httpd.conf is modified.

  • Logs folder - server logs are created inside this folder.

  • run folder - when apache is started after configuration from non-root user it creates .pid file over here.

  • conf.d folder - ssl.conf is present here and while configuring any ssl scheme this file is modified by the installer.


For a non-root user, in order to have a successful web agent configuration and apache startup, the folders - conf, conf.d, logs and run under the selected web server path should have write permissions.

Starting web agent version 6.0 SP6 & R12 SP2 CR1, write permission error message will be displayed by the installer if the subfolders - conf, conf.d, logs and run (to which the installer writes files) in the web server path do not have write permissions.


Component: SMAPC