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How to configure CAM to communicate a DSM/ITCM Domain Server with a Scalability Server both behind different firewalls performing NAT in both directions?


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


It may happen that, in some installations consisting of several sites, the DSM/ITCM Domain server and some Scalability Server in such remote sites, have been placed behind firewalls performing NAT (Network Address Translation) in both directions. In this scenarios, CAM has to be configured on those computers in order to properly identify the source and destination addresses embedded in the packages flowing in both directions.


Client Automation - 14.0 and above


Follow the steps here below in order to configure CAM to properly communicate in the mentioned environment:

  1. Write down the physical IP address of both machines. Use the ipconfig command to retrieve them.
  2. Write down the NATed IP of both computers. Use the ping command to ping each other (the NATed IP of the remote computer is returned).
  3. Browse to folder pointed by the %CAI_MSQ% environment variable on both computers.
  4. Create a CAM configuration file (CAM.CFG) by running the command camsave persist on each computer.
  5. Open the CAM.CFG on each computer using notepad.
  6. In the 'Routing' section of each, add entries like the following and save:
    forward localhost=<LocalMachineNATed_IP> <LocalMachineNATed_IP>
    forward localhost=<LocalMachinePhysical_IP>
    forward <LocalMachineNATed_IP>=<LocalMachinePhysical_IP>
    forward <RemoteMachineNATed_IP>=<RemoteMachinePhysical_IP>
    NOTE: The first line is intentionally showing the same address twice.
  7. On each machine run the command:
    camstat > c:\camstat.txt
  8. Find any/all entries under the 'hosts' section of camstat.txt that corresponds to the other machine and take note of them.
  9. In a command prompt, run the command:
    camq -c -d -n <Host name entry>
    for each entry related to the other (this can be a NetBIOS name, DNS name, or IP address).
  10. Repeat until the message 'no such cam queue' is returned.
  11. Reboot both computers when possible.
  12. Try to 'camping -a' each machine from the other one and verify it works.
  13. Verify that you can run 'caf ping <the_other_machine>' from both sides.
  14. On the Scalability Server run the following commands:
    cserver config -h <DSM_Server>cserver register -a