CMS Application Multitasking in VM:Operator r3.0.
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CMS Application Multitasking in VM:Operator r3.0.


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Mainframe VM Product Manager VM:Manager Suite for Linux on Mainframe VM:Manager Suite for z/VM VM SUITE VM:Operator



I understand that CMS Application Multitasking is a new feature in r3.0. Can you explain this more?


CMS application multitasking allows us to significantly improve the multithreading of the entire system. You may not even be aware that Application Multitasking is dispatching threads, but its presence will enable you to exploit a number of additional APIs in your programs that run on VM:Operator. For example, VMOPER macros can now use the REXX Sockets API. You can also leverage the CMS Application Multitasking API in your programs as well as the CMS Open Extension (POSIX) API.

A number of things run better under CMS Application Multitasking because they are multithreading aware. Most VM:Operator customers who write their own VMOPER macros know that using CMS Pipelines can be problematic. In previous releases it was necessary to serialize the use of the PIPE command because it is not reentrant. This is no longer necessary. When running under CMS Application Multitasking, the PIPE command synchronizes the use of its own critical areas so it is no longer necessary to serialize its execution. If you used TEST CMS PIPE in your macros, this will still work, but it is no longer needed. We recommend using ADDRESS COMMAND PIPE. Also some relatively long running TCP/IP commands (like PING) can now be run on VM:Operator without tying up the entire virtual machine because they too leverage the multithreading APIs.


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