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How to rebuild the DMS?


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)



Procedure to rebuild the DMS. Note that this procedure does not cater for backup/restore scenarios and only documents the steps required to rebuild the DMS on a system where AC Enterprise Management is installed.


Note that steps 1-5 are to be carried out from the command prompt.

  1. secons -s // Stops AC
  2. dmsmgr -remove -auto // Deletes DMS+DH
  3. dmsmgr -create ?auto // Creates DMS+DH
  4. seosd ?start // Restarts AC
  5. From the command prompt, run 'selang' and connect to the DMS with 'hots [email protected]' then invoke the following selang commands:
       eu ac_entm_pers admin password(mypassword) nonative    auth TERMINAL  uid(ac_entm_pers) access(a)
  6. From the enterprise management UI do: ( You will get an error message upon logging in, see screenshots below) SYSTEM-->Connection Manager -->DMS-->Modify Connection click on 'search', choose DMS record and change the password for the ac_entm_pers user to the same as in step 5. Click on ?submit?, log out and back in again, this time there will be no errors displayed.

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