What to check if Event Management console has poor performance?


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CA Unicenter NSM



The solution lists items to check when the EM console is working very slowly (for instance, when acknowledging a message takes > 2 minutes)


If Event Management is running slowly:

  1. Check the directory %CA_TND_HOME%/TMP.
    Too many files in this folder can have an impact on the performance.
    If you find a large number of files there:

    • Shutdown Unicenter.

    • Empty this directory.

    • Restart Unicenter.

  2. A large number of messages in the HELD area can impact the performance of the console. To remove messages in this area, run the command delkeep -all *

  3. Check the Task Manager for any process that has a high CPU utilization.

  4. When the FORWARD action is used to send messages to an offline remote server, the local console may hang when each forwarded message incurs a time delay to determine that the remote server is offline.
    To decrease the number of attempts to send a message to a remote offline server, see TEC508304.

  5. Determine if opening the console log physically on the server produces the same result as opening the console log remotely (from a Remote Administrative Client or Terminal Services Session).
    If the console's performance is drastically better using the local computer, a network issue is probable.

  6. Another reason for slow processing in the console can be related to CCI queues.
    To clear CCI queues, proceed as follows:

    unicntrl stop all (stop CA-Unicenter)
    ccicntrl stop (stop cci)
    ques cl (clear cci nametable of dead entries)
    ques sh (display the cci nametable)
    ccicntrl start (start cci)
    unicntrl start all (start CA-Unicenter)

If none of the above items improve the console performance, please contact CA support to assist in collecting a trace log of the problem.


Release: TNGEXO05500-11.1-Management-for Microsoft Exchange