Why is BAC always zero? How can it be updated?
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Why is BAC always zero? How can it be updated?


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The main reason why BAC is always '0' is that Actuals were posted to the Assignment on the project before the Rate Matrix Extraction (RME) job was ran.


Right Steps to be performed:

  • For New Projects:

    • Create the Project

    • Set up the WBS

    • Staff Resources

    • Assign Resources

    • Schedule the project

    • Run the Rate Matrix Extraction job

    • Baseline

    • Post Actuals or Financial Transactions

    • For Existing project with no posted Actuals:

    • Run the Rate Matrix Extraction job

    • Update the baseline - or create a new one

    • Then you can apply actuals via timesheets or financial transactions

  • For Existing Projects:

    • Always run the Rate Matrix Extraction job after a new resource is been staffed to a project and before doing anything else to that resource on that projects that needs cost information.
    • It's recommended to run at least once a day the Rate Matrix Extraction, preferably before Post Timesheet and Import Financial Actuals.
    • After successful execution of the job, the project Baseline can be updated and other activities can be done to see updated cost information.

The following article has further details related to the impact of activities, such as adding resources to a project or updating an assignment, requiring an execution of the Rate Matrix Extraction job.

  • TEC551863 : Clarity: How Should I Use The New Incremental Only Option For The Rate Matrix Extraction Job?

For more details on how the Rate Matrix Extraction job works and recommendations for successful data generation, reference the following article which also has references for other related articles.

  • TEC474741 : What does the Rate Matrix Extraction job do and how is it used?

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