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Clarity: When I rename the Financial Department OBS why are the labels for the Department field on Project and Resource General Properties pages not changed?


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I can create an OBS with the name "Project OBS" and associate it to the Project and other objects, and see that on Project General Properties page under the "Organizational Breakdown Structures" section I now have a field 'Project OBS' along with a field named 'Department'.

I can then rename this OBS to "My Project OBS" and see that the change is reflected on the Project General Properties page.

It seems I can't rename the field 'Department' as with a regular OBS above. I created an OBS named "Financial Departments", associated it to the Project object and linked it to an entity.

On the Project General Properties page, in the Organizational Breakdown Structures Section for the field with the label 'Department', I can browse for these financial department units.

Why isn't the field labeled "Financial Departments" as I have defined for the OBS?
Is there any way to change the label of this field?

I tried changing the Name field for the OBS on the OBS Properties page in Studio and that did not have any effect. I changed the name on Admin Tool > Studio: Objects > Projects > Views > Project Properties, Fields from "Departments" to "Renamed Departments". No change seen on the Project General Properties page.


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Component: STUDIO



This is working as designed. An Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) becomes a financial OBS once it is linked to an entity. The financial Department OBS has a set of behaviors that are different from a regular OBS that is not linked to any entity. The OBS 'Department' field is a financial field for displaying the units from such financial OBS that are used for 'Department OBS' on entities, it is not configurable in Clarity Studio, and therefore the label of the field does not change.


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