How can I reset user's password with Security System TPX?
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How can I reset user's password with Security System TPX?


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Security system = TPX. User has forgotten their password. How to reset their password?


Under TPXADMIN, go to User Maintenance - TPX User Options and set Force new pswd to Y.

The next time the user logs on they will be prompted to enter a new password. They will not need to enter their old password.


  • This must be done by a user administrator that is authorized to administer the blocked user's group.

  • This is only valid for Security system = TPX
                    TPX Userid Maintenance Detail Panel                      
                                                              Panelid  - TEN0125 
   Command ===>                                               Userid   -  
                                                              Termid   -  
   Userid:   USER1                                             Date    -  
   UserName:                                                   Time    -  
   Location:                         Phone:                                   
                                      Profile defaults    System defaults    
   ACCESS:                 ______      ______              MULTIPLE           
   Language:               __          __                  EN                 
   Security system:        ____        ____                TPX                
   Inactivate on:          _           _        (F=Signoff, K=Logoff)         
   Maximum sessions:       ____        ____                0                  
   Default printer:        ________    ________                               
   ACB mask default:       ________    ________   -------------------------   
   Propagate ACB:          _           _          |   Static user:       Y    
   Display menu:           _           _          -------------------------   
   Transfer option:        ____        ____       |   Suspend user:      N    
   Affinity applid:        ________    ________   |   Force new pswd:    N    
   Pass Ticket User:       _           _                                      
   Qualified PTick User:   _           _                                      
   PF1=Help    PF3=End    PF4=Return   PF7=Prev PF8=Next   "CANCEL" cancel    


Release: NVINAM00200-5.2-TPX-Session Management-Access Management package