BOXI WEB SERVICE ERR WSE 99999 when accessing the CA Software Compliance Manager URL.


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The port for the CA Software Compliance Manager ReportingWebServiceServer must match the Business Objects Java Infoview port.

By default the port for the ReportingWebServiceServer in the SwCM web.config is set to port 8085.
This port number must be changed to match the port for the Business Objects Java Infoview.

To correct this error, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Business Objects Infoview (Start->Programs->BusinessObjects XI->Business Objects Enterprise->BusinessObjectsEnterprise Java Infoview).
    The URL will be similar to the following:

  • Note the PORT_NUMBER from the above URL.

  • Open the SWCM web.config on the webserver (\Inetpub\wwwroot\SWCM) and check the following;
     <add key="ReportingWebServiceServer" value="Web_Server_Name:PORT_NUMBER" />.
  • Change the PORT_NUMBER in the SWCM web.config to match the PORT_NUMBER in the BusinessObjectsEnterprise Java Infoview URL.

  • Recycle IIS.


Component: BITCM