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Alignment attribute does not display the correct color icon when user enters the upper limit of a display mapping.


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When the 'Alignment' attribute value equals the exact upper limit value, an unexpected color is shown. Why?

With the following configuration, when the value equals the upper limit value on the range, it is showing the 'Default' color 'White'. We expected to see the color for the range where the upper value is specified.

Steps to Reproduce:

    1. Login to Clarity.
    2. Admin Tool > Studio: Objects > select Project Object.
    3. Attributes > select 'Alignment' attribute to edit.
    4. Change the display mapping validation range values to the following:
      White:  Default      Red:     0 -  34      Yellow: 35 -  68      Green:  69 - 100 
    1. Click 'Save' button.


    1. Main Application > Projects - edit the project alignment attribute.
    2. Configure the Project List view to show the 'Alignment' attribute as an image and observe the colors:
    'Project1' set 'Alignment' value =  33 : Red    'Project2' set 'Alignment' value =  34 : White    'Project3' set 'Alignment' value =  35 : Yellow    'Project4' set 'Alignment' value =  67 : Yellow    'Project5' set 'Alignment' value =  68 : White    'Project6' set 'Alignment' value =  69 : Green    'Project7' set 'Alignment' value =  99 : Green    'Project8' set 'Alignment' value = 100 : Green * final upper limit


Component: STUDIO


The configuration entered above is specified incorrectly and causes the value 34 and 68 to use the 'Default Bucket' color because it is not contained in the logic for the range evaluation. When configuring the values on a range configuration the 'From' value should be the same as the 'To' value of the previous mapping row. The specification for a range is:

mapping rows: lower <= value < upper

The lower value is inclusive, the upper value is exclusive if there is a subsequent mapping row defined. If the final mapping row upper value is used, it reflects the color mapping for that last value; therefore the row for the final mapping lower value AND upper value is inclusive.

final mapping row: lower <= value <= upper

The default configuration of the Project 'Alignment' attribute is configured as:


This mapping will display the correct color mappings:



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