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User must change password public task shows empty fields after authentication. Password services, ForgottenPasswordReset task, fields un populated.


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IM user is flagged as "must change password". On next login attempt they will be routed to "Password Services". When the task is shown, all the fields (organization, User ID, First Name & Last Name) are empty instead of being pre-populated with the user information as read-only values.

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Figure 1

The server log show security errors regarding the attributes in this task e.g "ERROR [ScreenHandlerBase] Unable to read attribute: <attribute_name> java.lang.NullPointerException"


Make sure that the Base URL field for your environment (environment properties in idmmanage) is not setup with any other server hostname than the one used for your IM domain. e.g. If your URL for IM is set as make sure your Base URL for the environment is set up also as any other abbreviation in the Base URL like http://localhost:8080/idm or http://myserver:8080/idm will cause this problem.


Component: IDMGR


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