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Clarity: Auto Rights are not granted when a new object instance is created


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When a new object instance is created (ie. Idea or Application) is created no Auto Rights are given to the user who created the instance. There is no error in the UI. But, you can see warnings like the following in the app-niku.log:

WARN 2010-04-28 13:06:48,556 [http-80-Processor2] niku.xql2 (HM06625:14360326__61edef32:projmgr.applicationNewPost) Lock ~slLock held by user 5004718 requested by user 5004805

NOTE: You can see this by clicking on Resources under the "Access to this [object]" section where [object] is the name of the object you are working with (ie. Idea or Application). Normally, you would see the Manage auto right for the user who created the instance.


  1. Log into Clarity as a user with administrative rights.

  2. Change the URL to the following and hit enter:


  3. Look for an auto rights lock.

  4. Clear the lock.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, security locks, prlock, projmgr.


Release: NCSVCS05900-8.1-Clarity-Service Connect-for MS-SQL