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Clarity: The Multi-values lookup attribute variable in an Action Item definition doesn't work.


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The Multi-values lookup attribute variable in an Action Item (AI) definition doesn't work. The "select attribute variable" page shouldn't list multi-values attributes

When a user composes the description message for an Action Item from multi-values lookup attribute the variable is blank.

For example: Multivalue attribute: ${thisProject.attribute} => Multivalue attribute:
Clarity allows choosing this multi-value attribute from Select Attribute Variables page so the user can use this variable.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new static lookup.

    1. Go to Admin tools -> Lookups and click "New".

    2. Enter requested information (Lookup name = "test_look1", Lookup id = "test_look1", Source = "Static List") Submit.

    3. Enter three values (Test1, Test2, Test3).

  2. Create a new project attribute.

    1. Go to Admin tools -> Objects -> Project -> Attributes and click "New".

    2. Enter requested information (Attribute name = "test_att1", Attribute id = "_test_att", Data type - Multi value Lookup, test_look1) Submit.

    3. Go to Admin tools -> Objects -> Project -> Views -> Project Properties -> [Layout: Edit] -> General ->Properties
      and Layout icon and move the attribute from Available column to the selected column.

  3. Create a new process "test_process".

    1. Go to Admin tools -> Processes "New".

    2. Enter requested information (Process Name = "test_process", Process ID ="test_process") and click the "Save and Continue" button.

    3. On the "Process Definition: object" page select "project" object.

    4. On the "Process Start Option" page select On-demand.

    5. On the "Process Definition: Start Step" add a new manual action "Send AI" and post condition if "1=2" Than Go to "Finish".

    6. Enter requested information (Action Name="test_AI", Action ID = "test_AI", Actions= "Done", Subject = "Test AI", Assignees = "Admin").

    7. For definition of Description click the binoculars and select the variable "test_att1" so it creates the variable ${thisProject.test_att1}

    8. Submit this manual action.

      1. Validate and active the attribute.

  4. Open any project and enter two or three attributes to the attribute "test_att1".

  5. Go to the Process Tab ->Available and kick off the process "test_process".

  6. Go to the attribute and check the generated AI.



Don't use multi-value attribute variable in definition of description in an Action Item.


Resolved in Clarity 12.1.1

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