How to use the TPX Command Exit to logoff with PF3 only from the main menu with tiered menus?


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I implemented my old TPXUCMND exit from TPX 5.2 into 5.3.
PF3 now logs me off not only from the main menu but also from the sub menus.


Our sample code from TPX 5.2 and prior release uses the SBTWHO flag in the TermSB to determine if the input was made from the TPX menu. Then it checked for PF3 and logged off the user.

In TPX 5.3 the SBTWHO flag is set if a user is on the main menu and also if he is on a sub menu.

To distinguish if a user is on the main or on a sub menu you can use the UENTOPTI flag in UENTRY control block of your 'RETURN' application TPXTIERX. If this flag is on you are on the main menu, if it is off you are on a sub menu.

Logic to check in TPXUCMND exit:

SBTWHO on and UENTOPTI on ---> on main menu

SBTWHO on and UENTOPTI off ---> on sub menu

Please review attached TPXUCMND sample coding.


Component: TLVIEW

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