DXSNMP utility and polling of selected snmp objects
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DXSNMP utility and polling of selected snmp objects


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We are polling the SNMP values from CA Directory 12.0 SPx using DXSNMP utility. We are pulling the values every 2 minutes and see a performance hit. We are only interested in a hand full of objects to be returned but the utility returns ALL. Is there any way of return selected number of objects that we are interested in to observe? Can we modify the dxsnmp.mib to achieve this or is there some other way? Is there anything else that can be done to limit the performance hit?


Unfortunately, the answer is no. The DXSNMP utility is designed to pull back all the SNMP objects that the DSA publishes. This cannot be changed (you cannot limit the number of attributes polled).

Other options are:
- Try using a Java or PERL script to just pull back the SNMP objects (OIDs) that you are interested in.
- Use other SNMP management tools in the market place that can allow to only pull back specific SNMP OIDs.


Component: ETRDIR