Applied PTFs RO12080 & RO11185. Now on startup of our system I get a U3964.


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The PTFs replace RHDCOESA among other modules.
RHDCOESA is one of the programs that is contained in an IDMS startup module.
Client maintains a custom startup module and indicated that they did re-link the startup module but the 3964 persisted.
Client was including the 6 modules that make up a startup module from DISTLOAD.

He did not do an ACCEPT of the two PTFs so DISTLOAD would not have the replaced RHDCOESA.

The solution was to change their re-link job to include RHDCOMVS from the TARGET loadlib and try again.
Load module RHDCOMVS contains the 6 essential modules for a startup module and client included their RHDCPARM and WTOEXIT to complete the custom startup module.
Our recommendation is not to use custom startup modules at all but to use RHDCOMVS as the startup module.
Ever since we expanded what you can specify with JCL startup parameters, many clients are no longer creating custom startup modules.
Load module RHDCOMVS contains the 6 essential modules and is known to SMP/E so if any of those 6 are changed by a PTF SMP/E will update RHDCOMVS with the changes. No more remembering to re-link startup.

All of the parameters you currently specify in RHDCPARM can be specified in the startup JCL (and changed far more easily than reassembling RHDCPARM) as well as specifying your WTOEXIT to be dynamically loaded rather than being hard linked with the startup module.

Here is an example:
Assemble and link the WTOEXIT as a loadmod into the DBA.LOADLIB and the EXEC card in the CV startup JCL looks like this:

//PRODCV  EXEC PGM=RHDCOMVS,REGION=0M,                                     
//         PARM='S=1700,DMCL=DMCL1700,FREESTG=2048,WTO=PRODWTOX,MT=Y,       
//              ZIIP=Y,STEP=Y'                                              

If you have a PPT entry for your custom startup mod (to run in a specific primary protect key) you'd need to add the same for RHDCOMVS.


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