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XPSSweeper :: Autosweep : Multiple Policy Servers with Single Policy Store


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I have 4 Policy Servers connected to 1 single Policy Store. Will the XPSSweeper run on all the 4 Policy Servers at the same time?
If yes, is it possible to run locally the XPSSweeper only by 1 Policy Server through an XPSConfig procedure?


Yes, the XPSSweeper will run on all Policy Servers at the same time if they share the same Policy Store, because the Autosweep configuration is written in the XPS Store (located in the Policy Store).

If you turn off the Autosweep flag, none of the Policy Server will run the Sweeper at the determined time, and we don't recommend it in order to keep the XPS Store consistent. So it is not possible to run locally the XPSSweeper only by 1 PS through an XPSConfig procedure.

Disabling Autosweep and run the XPSSweeper on only 1 Policy Server in batch mode could be a possible workaround to avoid running it on all Policy Servers.


Component: SMPLC