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Symantec Directory: How do I display the total number of entries or objects currently exists in my DSA?


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CA Directory



In Symantec Directory, there has been an enhancement to the DSA that allows you to determine the total number of entries the DSA has at any given time.



Component: ETRDIR


To check the total number of entries, you will need to telnet to the "console" port of the DSA, and enter the DXconsole command "get cache;".


telnet localhost <console_port>

dsa> get cache;  
Cache enabled   
cache-no-scan = FALSE   
dxgrid-queue = TRUE   
use-rdn-index = FALSE   
cache-index = all-attributes   
cache-reverse =  
Number of EIDs in use 776299   
Memory used by cache: 1068646528 out of 1068846449   
(Memory initially used by data only: 0)   
Memory leaked 0  
Number of Cache Hits 0   
Number of Cache Misses 0   
Number of Sequential Scans 0   
Free lists:   
  EntryLists: 0   
  Constrained values: 348   
  Unconstrained values: 0   
  IndexList: 0   
dxgrid-db-location = C:\Program Files\CA\Directory\dxserver\data   
dxgrid-tx-location = .   
dxgrid-backup-location = .   
dxgrid-db-size = 1024000000   
Used bytes in file = 923508664   
Reclaimable bytes = 0   
Total number of entries = 776299       
disable-transaction-log = false   
disable-transaction-log-flush = false