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r12.0 SP3: How do I display the total number of entries currently loaded in my DSA?


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In CA Directory r12.0 SP3, there has been an enhancement to the DSA that allows you to determine the total number of entries the DSA has loaded.


In r12.0 Service Pack 3, a change has been implemented which allows you to determine the total number of entries loaded by the DSA at runtime.

To check the total number of entries, you will need to telnet to the "console" port of the DSA, and enter the DXconsole command "get cache;".


dsa> get cache;  
Cache enabled   
cache-no-scan = FALSE   
dxgrid-queue = FALSE   
use-rdn-index = FALSE   
cache-index = all-attributes   
cache-reverse =  
Number of EIDs in use 776299   
Memory used by cache: 1068646528 out of 1068846449   
(Memory initially used by data only: 0)   
Memory leaked 0  
Number of Cache Hits 0   
Number of Cache Misses 0   
Number of Sequential Scans 0   
Free lists:   
  EntryLists: 0   
  Constrained values: 348   
  Unconstrained values: 0   
  IndexList: 0   
dxgrid-db-location = C:\Program Files\CA\Directory\dxserver\data   
dxgrid-tx-location = .   
dxgrid-backup-location = .   
dxgrid-db-size = 1024000000   
Used bytes in file = 923508664   
Reclaimable bytes = 0   
Total number of entries = 776299       
disable-transaction-log = false   
disable-transaction-log-flush = false


Component: ETRDIR